Science and Art

Copper Beads by Janice Willson

Operating under the inspired by the beautiful images FLCL researchers collected in the lab using macro photography techniques.

DecoScience is a start up whose objective is to increase the understanding of the scientific phenomena that occur around us everyday, and the value of being able to use this knowledge to create beauty and enhance the quality of life. This venture is based on Judith’s observation that scientists and artists have a similar passion and creativity, they just use different tools. DecoScience is an experiment designed to explore the science-art collaborations can reveal.

DECOSCIENCE™ artists are comprised of scientists who “paint” beautiful images using their scientific knowledge, and artists who share their perspective on the science that happens around us everyday. Both groups work at a scale beyond what the naked eye can easily see to give the observer a glimpse of the hidden world around us

Jellyfish by Dana Plesa

Torrent by Janice Willson

Abstruse by Dana Plesa

Spice of Life by Janice Willson

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